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i4Food Restaurant and Bar in west Forsyth fails health inspection
i4Food WEB

WEST FORSYTH – A restaurateur who has been in the industry for 30 years received a failing health inspection score at the eatery he opened in June on Bethelview Road.

i4Food Restaurant and Bar, located at 5456 Bethelview Road, was given a 65 from the Forsyth County Environmental Health Department on Dec. 14 for violations including storing raw eggs and meat in the wrong places and leaking sink plumbing.

David Ifidon, owner and chef, said the score is “very devastating.”

A 69 or less is considered failing, according to the health department.

“It’s a small business and we have some new employees,” Ifidon said. “We run an incredible operation. Our standards are very high, so it’s kind of embarrassing.”

Since opening in June, this is the first score given that is not a 100.

The health inspector found that employees who had false nails were prepping food without gloves, that employees’ drinks were being stored next to food, that dining tables were not being sanitized properly, that wet wiping cloths were being stored on counters and that canned corn was not being cooled to the correct temperature.

“We’ve been working with the health department to rectify those violations and are looking forward to having them come back,” Ifidon said.

An inspector is scheduled to return on Dec. 30. Businesses that receive failing scores are revisited within 10 business days.