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That Biscuit Place in north Forsyth fails health inspection for “mildew-like substance” on nozzles
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NORTH FORSYTH – A local breakfast eatery near Cumming in north Forsyth recently failed its first health inspection in its 11 years of operation.

The Biscuit Place, located at 5110 Chattahoochee Industrial Park, was given a 57 by the Forsyth County Environmental Health Department on Dec. 13 for temperature violations and for having soda drink nozzles “soiled with mildew-like substance.”

A 69 or less is considered failing, and restaurants that fail an inspection are revisited within 10 days.

Cassey Lane, a manager at the family-owned restaurant, said his staff has been working with health inspectors “rigorously since the inspection” to “try to figure out the new rules and regulations.”

The eatery was cited for having employees’ drinks and money on food contact surfaces, food stored in the freezer that was not covered, food being reheated to and held at wrong temperatures and employees prepping food who did not have their hair properly restrained.

“There were a couple of things we thought were OK to do, but rules change,” he said. “And we were short staffed that day. It’s hard to control those things.”

Lane said he was recently food safe certified but was off that day, so he was unable to train two employees who were working their first day.

The four previous scores listed on the Forsyth County Public Health Inspection page, which go back to April 2014, were A’s or B’s.

“We’re excited for her to come back on Dec. 29,” Lane said. “With how hard we’ve been working, I think we are going to get a 100.”