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Boff's BOC legacy: spearheaded Buford Highway Overlay, Haw Creek Park project
Commissioners-Tam-and-Boff-are-recognized-by-fellow-commissioners-12.15 WEB
The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, from left to right: Chairman Pete Amos (District 1), Jim Boff (District 5), Brian Tam (District 2), Cindy Jones Mills (District 4) and Todd Levent (District 3). - photo by For the Forsyth County News

EAST FORSYTH -- The year’s final regular meeting of the Forsyth County commission was also the last for an outgoing commissioner.

District 5 Commissioner Jim Boff, the second-longest current serving commissioner behind Brian Tam, was elected in 2008 and read a “personal thank you to a lot of people.”

“It’s been about eight years since I became commissioner of District 5, and during that time I’ve tried to be a good public servant,” Boff said. “As time has gone on, it’s become more and more apparent to me how much support and guidance I needed and how much I have received along the way.”

Boff serves east Forsyth and was re-elected in 2012.

“I would most especially like to thank my wife, Cindy Boff, for her support and faith, my daughters, Emily and Lily, for listening to me talk on the phone for hours sometimes,” he said. “Most residents of the county don’t realize the treasure we all have in the existing and growing county staff. I would like to recognize and thank all county employees for their ceaseless patience and professionalism to me and to the members of the public.”

He also thanked the community and other elected officials.

Boff did not seek re-election this year and will be replaced by Laura Semanson, who won her bid for the seat unopposed in November after winning a primary runoff this summer. Tam, who represents south Forsyth’s District 2, also did not seek re-election.

Chairman Pete Amos recognized Boff for “eight good years” and his efforts to build Haw Creek Park and to establish the Buford Highway Overlay.

“I think it turned out to be one of the best overlays we’ve done,” Amos said. “Jim put a lot of work into it, and we are proud of the overlay he created for us.”

District 27 state Sen. Michael Williams thanked Boff for his early support in his campaign and applauded Boff’s calm and professional demeanor and sense of stability.

“I just want you to know you are always going to have a special place in my heart and in my family’s hearts,” he said. “When nobody knew who I was, just some random guy seeking elected office, you took a risk as the first elected official to support me. You left for a bit, but then you came back and I appreciate that.”

Williams said being a commissioner is widely considered one of the hardest positions in the state.

“Nobody knows probably better than you guys how difficult it is to being a commissioner in a fast-growing county,” Williams said. “As I’ve talked to several other elected officials across the state, it’s the consensus is that you have the most difficult position of any elected officials.”

District 25 state Rep. Mike Dudgeon, who also chose not to seek re-election this year, praised Boff’s tenacity on issues.

“Jim, we have known each other a long time,” Dudgeon said. “You are a bulldog who gets your issue and chases it all the way to the end.

You and I have been probably sometimes more on the same page more than others, but I appreciate our friendship and our service.”