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Scammers claim fake partnership with Forsyth County Schools

Forsyth County Schools has filed a police report with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office against suspected scammers who are calling businesses claiming a partnership with the school district to sell athletic sponsorships for promotions items.

No victims have been identified because they all suspected the call was a scam before giving out credit card or other personal information, said Jennifer Caracciolo, spokeswoman for the school system. Two businesses notified the district of the scam.

“Operating under names such as Touchdown Sports and Sales24, they are attempting to sell athletic sponsorships for stadium banners, T-shirts, posters and other promotion items,” Caracciolo said. “The companies are falsely sharing that they are authorized to represent Forsyth County Schools.”

The companies are reportedly out-of-state.

“Upon investigation, these two companies have been reported in nationwide scams, most recently in Texas, Tennessee and Iowa,” Caracciolo said. “They have called form 817 and 303 area codes, and are also known in other states to email businesses.”

Caracciolo said local businesses should not provide credit or debit card information over the phone or by email to anyone claiming to have sponsorships on behalf of the district or schools.

“If you have questions about sponsorships, please contact a school administrator or middle/high school athletic directors,” she said. “They are aware of fundraisers that are being conducted on behalf of particular schools.”