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South Forsyth residents get first look at McGinnis Ferry widening plans
County paying $18.1M for 4.5-mile expansion
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SOUTH FORSYTH -- On Tuesday night, Forsyth County gave the public a chance to view and comment on plans for the future widening of McGinnis Ferry Road in south Forsyth.

The proposal would widen about 4.5 miles of the road between Sargent Road and the intersection of Ronald Reagan Boulevard and Union Hill Road. It calls for an additional two lanes in each direction with a 10-foot-wide multi-use path on the north side of the road and a 5-foot-wide sidewalk along the south.

An official at the event, which was held at the Lanier Technical College Forsyth Conference Center, said more than 200 visitors attended the event.

Tim Smith, a Forsyth County resident checking out the plan, said the project is needed but that he is waiting to see the final version before forming any opinions on the specifics.

“It’s needed,” he said. “So whether you like it or not, you have to do something about the growth, so there’s not a whole lot of choice you have. It appears they’ve at least initially started thinking through it, and it appears logical.

“It’s nice that they make it available to everybody so we can see what’s going on in our community and provide comments and complaints and the like.”

Forsyth County is overseeing the projects’ design with the Georgia Department of Transportation, and the cities of Johns Creek and Alpharetta will handle plan review and comments. The road makes up a large portion of Forsyth’s southern border to Fulton County.

The county is paying $18.1 million for the widening out of the $200 million transportation bond approved by voters in 2014 and is also using SPLOST VII funds. GDOT will contribute $10 million.

Lane closures may be required during construction.

The plans will be on display through Jan. 20 at the Engineering Department’s office in the county administration building at 110 East Main Street.

Once complied, a list of comments received on the project will also be available for public view.

More information can be found at by clicking “transportation projects” near the bottom of the page or by calling Tim Allen at (770) 781-2165.