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West Forsyth manhole overflows
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WEST FORSYTH -- Around 250 gallons of wastewater recently spilled from a west Forsyth sewer.

Forsyth County officials said they were notified on Friday of an overflowing manhole in the area around Fox Creek Drive, which released about 250 gallons of gray water, or wastewater from baths, sinks and kitchen appliances – not from toilets. About 40 gallons spilled into a small tributary nearby.

The spill was caused by a blockage in the line of “grease and construction material.” The blockage was freed by “jetting the line,” or using high-powered water to clear the line.

Jill Pilcher, executive assistant with the Water and Sewer Department said 2-by-4s and asphalt were found in the line and that there was no damage to the line or road.

Crews arrived at the manhole at about 4:45 p.m. after neighbors complained of “a sewer smell,” and the blockage was cleared by about 8:25 p.m.

Once cleared, signs were put up and the area was treated with lime.