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Tam's nomination causes backlash
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Lt. Gov Cagle’s nomination to the JQC, Brian Tam, has been the subject of an extreme backlash from Tam’s former constituents in Forsyth County. Hundreds of emails and phone calls are pouring into Senate inboxes and offices to oppose Tam.

Senator Josh McKoon stated “The volume of emails on this issue is without precedent in my experience.” after posting a photo of his inbox entirely composed of emails re: Mr Tam.

Late yesterday, current Forsyth County Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Todd Levent, came out in opposition to Tam’s appointment stating “Better government does not come with out hard work from moral, ethical sane people that believe in the Constitution that governs us.”

Forsyth County Senator Michael Williams said of Tam, “It is time that someone stood up to Brian Tam on behalf of the Citizens of Forsyth County. I will no longer remain quiet and watch as one individual bullies, intimidates, and destroys our community. He has proven time and time again that he will put his own interests above that of the community.”

The vote on nominations was originally scheduled for today, but sources are stating the outcry has resulted in the vote being postponed. The nominees are scheduled to be voted on as a block, but multiple Senators are talking about separating Tam’s nomination from the rest so they can have an up/down vote on Tam alone. ­

Phillip Barlag