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Bojangles opens at Hammond’s Crossing in north Forsyth
By: Kelly Whitmire NORTH FORSYTH -- If the first two shifts were any indication, Bojangles will be a welcome addition to Hammond’s Crossing. The restaurant, which specializes in chicken and biscuits, opened for business Monday morning. Glenn Yontz, unit manager for the store, said some customers even beat him. And he arrived in the middle of the night. “As far as the opening goes, a lot of people [were at] our doors,” he said. “Some of them were out there in the parking lot sleeping out, I guess. I got here about 3:30 in the morning, and there were some of them out in their cars waiting for us to open.” Those customers had good reason for waiting, as the restaurant gave out $50 gift cards to the first 50 customers. First-day customers also had the chance to enter to win breakfast for a year, and different foods were given away throughout the day. The store, located at 3285 Keith Bridge Road, is the first of the chain in Forsyth County, and Yontz said on Monday afternoon that the morning and lunch shifts were busy. “We had a pretty good little run there for a while [at breakfast]. Probably about our first hour was hardcore,” he said. “Lunch was great. What we’re seeing is breakfast starts to fade about 9-9:30 a.m. … lunch really started at 10:30 a.m.” Customers have taken notice. “It’s a good store,” said Rick Richardson, who was eating lunch and said he plans to come back. Prior to opening, the company met with members of the community, including local firefighters, deputies and schools — with a focus on North Forsyth High School. “It’s been great. We’ve definitely been well-received in the community,” Yontz said. “Prior to opening today, we did some things throughout the community in the last week and have been very gracious.” The store is located near a new Dunkin’ Donuts that opened two weeks ago. Though the first day was a success, Yontz said he wants to see the restaurant become a part of the community. “We definitely want it to grow. We definitely want it to be successful,” Yontz said, “but success isn’t always money. If we can get in the community and make a positive impact … seeing the impact that we can be a part of in this community is really our success.”