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Hand painted piano on display at The Collection in south Forsyth
Display Piano
This hand painted piano is on display at The Collection

Piano On Display

SOUTH FORSYTH -- Over the next few weeks, visitors at The Collection at Forsyth will have a chance to play a unique musical instrument for a good cause.

Through Sept. 18, the outdoor shopping mall on Peachtree Parkway in south Forsyth will host one of 29 hand-painted pianos around metro Atlanta as part of the Pianos for Peace community arts program.

Unlike some artistic creations, visitors are encouraged to touch and play the piano.

According to a free app released for the event, the piano at The Collection was painted by artist Stacy Loesch and is covered with pink, yellow, red and blue polka dots.

The piano also includes a booklet with information about the group, directions for playing simple songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and a tarp for rainy weather.

Through the app, visitors can view and schedule “pop-up concerts” and have the opportunity to win a chance to perform at Carnegie Hall with the organizations founder, composer and pianist Malek Jandall.

Other notable locations around the city are: the Fox Theatre, MLK Center, Georgia Tech and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

After being displayed for two weeks, the pianos will be donated to schools, nursing homes, health care facilities and community centers.