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Northside named second-largest robotic-assisted surgery program
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CUMMING -- Northside Hospital has been named a national leader in robotic surgeries.

According to new data from Intuitive Surgical, which manufactures robotic surgery systems, Northside is the second-largest robotic-assisted surgery program and the best gynecological robotic surgery programs in the country.

Northside first implemented a robotic surgery program in 2005 and 96 surgeons have performed over 17,600 robotic surgeries since.

“Robot-assisted procedures were still very new in 2005, but they were attractive to surgeons because they allow us to do things that physically would be very taxing mentally or ergonomically,” said Scott Miller, M.D., urologist and medical director of the Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Program at Northside Hospital, in a news release.

The hospital performed the state’s first robotic-assisted bladder removal and kidney reconstruction, delivery of healthy twins following a robotic fibroid removal and single-incision gallbladder removal.

Miller performed the first robotic-assisted surgery, a prostate removal, and was watched the program grow.

“Many of my first surgeries using robotics were prostatectomies, but use of the [the surgery system] has expanded to other specialties including gynecology, GYN oncology, urology, general surgery and ENT,” said Dr. Miller. “The opportunities this technology brings to the future are exciting.”

Robotic-assisted surgery has grown in popularity as it has made procedures less invasive and replaces traditional incisions with fewer and smaller incisions, including one for a camera.

“The most recent robotic platform, with its inherited capabilities, has made performing surgical procedures in the abdomen and chest thru small incisions more practical and with a faster recovery and less pain for patients,” Ceana Nezhat M.D., training and education director for advanced laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery, said in the release.

Northside is continuing to make strides in the surgery and helping train doctors from across the United States and all over the world.

“It’s this level of expertise, combined with the skill and experience of the team of operating room nurses and surgical technologists at Northside, that leads to better patient outcomes and is critical in the success of using robotic technology,” said Vicki Barnett, director of surgical services.

“All of this experience and state-of-the-art technology helps to solidify our position as the leader for proficiency with cutting-edge procedures that are helping our patients have successful surgery with the smallest amount of risk possible.”

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