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This Week in Forsyth County History: Dec. 25-31
Dec. 24, 1942: As the world was at war in 1942, an ad from the Bank of Cumming reminded citizens that Christmas was still unconquered.

Do you remember what happened in your community 20 years ago?

How about 40? Or have you moved to Forsyth County since then and are curious to know what made the headlines in the 1960s or ‘20s?

Will seeing a front page from even two years ago make you wonder where the time has gone?

One thing is sure: We no longer accept livestock or groceries as payment for subscriptions like we did in 1927.

In this installment of This Week in Forsyth County History, a bi-monthly series presented by Gracemont Senior Living, we give you a flashback of Forsyth County through the years.

Do you have photos from the long- or recent-past or ideas of events we should look for?

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